Overview and demonstration of the EDA

To aid users of the EDA, we have developed two presentations: an overview of the system and a demonstration of how to use it. These were recorded from a webinar presented by Dr Nathalie Percie du Sert on 21 June 2017 that formed part of the Centre for Open Science webinar series.

Presentation: overview of the EDA 

This video provides an overview of the Experimental Design Assistant and how it might be used to help researchers improve the design of animal experiments. It is 15:02 minutes long and includes the following topics (timestamps are indicated in brackets):

  • What is the EDA? [00:00]
  • What does the EDA offer? [00:29]
  • Examples and templates [03:36]
  • Feedback and advice from the EDA [05:42]
  • The EDA workflow [09:54]
  • Why use the EDA? [11:36]
  • Different uses of the EDA [14:10]

Presentation: demonstration of the EDA

This video demonstrates how the EDA works. It is 26:36 minutes long and provides a step-by-step guide to creating an experiment diagram, obtaining feedback through the EDA system and using this to improve experimental design.