Overview and demonstration of the EDA

To aid users of the EDA, we have an overview of the system and a video demonstration of how to use it. 

Overview of the EDA 

The EDA was developed to help researchers develop their experimental design and statistics skills whilst planning rigorous experiments. You can build a step-wise visual representation of your experiment in the EDA and receive tailored feedback to make informed decisions that improve your experimental design. EDA diagrams can be shared to support the review, assessment and publication of your experimental plans and support communication between different research stakeholders.

Presentation: demonstration of the EDA

This video is an EDA demonstration presented by Dr Esther Pearl in October 2023. The video demonstrates how the EDA works. This video is 55:15 minutes long and provides a step-by-step guide to creating an experiment diagram, obtaining feedback through the EDA system and using this to improve experimental design.

First published 12 June 2018
Last updated 11 October 2023