Experimental Design

This section describes the basic components which constitute the design process and concepts which are crucial for the internal validity of an experiment, and how to represent them in the EDA diagram.

Each page of this section represents a type of node used in the diagram. Note that this section should be read in conjunction with the user guide section of this website which describes how to use the EDA.

Well designed and correctly analysed experiments can lead to a reduction in animal use while increasing the scientific validity of the results.

This set of resources has been put together by a working group of experts in statistics and experimental design. It has been compiled to support the EDA design tool, and can act as a first port of call for researchers designing a new experiment. As such, it is not intended to be comprehensive and each section includes a number of references for further reading.

The annotated diagram below provides an overview of the nodes used to represent an experiment. Click here to download a larger version of this image.

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