Using the EDA to support funding applications and ethical review

The EDA helps researchers design robust experiments by providing bespoke feedback on the study design and statistical analysis plans.

The visual representation of the experiment and the detailed information in the diagram, provide funders and ethical review boards with greater clarity, helping to inform their decision making and supporting their commitment to rigorous science.

Major organisations recognise the value of the EDA and recommend its use in the preparation of funding or ethical review applications. This includes the MRC, BBSRC, Wellcome Trust, Cancer Research UK, the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Home Office in the UK, the NIH and National Science Foundation in the USA, and the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council

For committees and panels

The EDA automatically generates a PDF report that includes key information requested by funding bodies and ethical review panels, including:

  • Objectives and hypotheses
  • Animal numbers and justification for sample size
  • Steps taken to minimise the effect of bias
  • Primary and secondary outcome measures
  • Planned statistical analysis

The EDA report makes it easier for panel members to assess the rigour of the research proposed. Information describing the experiment is presented in a standardised format and is easy to find.

The report also includes an image of the experiment diagram, and clearly indicates missing information which helps identify relevant questions to ask applicants.

For applicants

Once you have designed your experiment in the EDA and finalised your plans, you can generate a report in PDF format.

The EDA report can be submitted to ethics committees as part of the review process or included as an annex in your grant application*. Alternatively, it can be used as an aide-memoir when preparing your application, to ensure that you have included all necessary information. The report clearly indicates missing information, making it easier for you to address this before submission.

* Confirm with your funder that the EDA report can be included as part of your application. Different rules may apply depending on the funding scheme.